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Updated: Apr 14, 2018

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Hey family! It’s Easter Weekend! This post is going up right in the middle – between the time Jesus Christ died for us and the time He rose again, and tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday! HE IS RISEN!!!!!

Now, one of the saddest things is that this world does not appreciate the reason for the season! It has been so commercialised and now its all about bunnies and chocolate eggs (please, where is the correlation?) But anyways..

I really enjoy this time of the year, to really reflect on the love our Father has for us. He really sent His ONLY Son to die on the cross for our sins (to be the ultimate and final sacrifice and atonement for us), and Jesus really willing came to the Earth to teach us how to live, fulfil the law we could never fulfil ourselves and DIE for us. I really can’t get over that.

Looking at it for what it really is, Jesus died FOR me. Jesus died BECAUSE of me. Our salvation is actually a gift. Jesus came and died and has asked nothing in return. NOTHING. He doesn’t even force us to believe in or follow Him, but He died so that when you do (which is my prayer, if you are not already doing so), you can be connected with the Father immediately.

Do you know what is even more amazing? He DIED for us and then gave us more gifts on top of that! Not only does He intercede on our behalf, but He also gives everlasting life to everyone who simply believes in Him. All we have to do is believe in Him, and when we die or when He comes back (whichever is first) we get to live with Him FOREVER. We truly do not deserve this kind of love. We could never have earned it.

The Bible says that whilst we were still sinners, Christ died for us (Romans 5:8). This means that He died for each and every one of us, currently saved or not. He died knowing that you may not ever choose Him, but praying that you would. Do you understand this? Let me say it again.

He died knowing that you may not ever choose Him, but praying that you would.

Jesus, who never sinned in His entire life, chose to bear the entirety of the world’s sins (past, present and future), and became sin Himself, for us. Jesus was subjected to ridicule, betrayal, unimaginable pain, DEATH – everything we could possibly ever go through. People spat on Him, they cursed Him, they hurled insults at Him, they whipped Him, tore open His flesh, tried to break His bones, stabbed Him, NAILED Him to a cross, and watched Him to die. People watched our Lord on the cross and stood whilst He died. And He didn’t even deserve it. He went through all of this, because He loves you and I. (Matthew 27:28-30)

I cant even put into words how incredible that is. In the blink of an eye, with just words, and at any time, He could have come down off of the cross (which by the way was in biblical times, the most disgraceful death), but He chose to stay there and die, that He might give you life.

Now, truth be told, whenever I watch Bible films/TV shows/series, whatever it is, I can never really quite bring myself to watch what He went through. It shocks me, makes me so sad, to see only a fraction of what He went through for me. What He went through for US. He became a ransom for us all (1 Timothy 2:5-6).

But watching through my fingers and reading it in the Bible, I have a surge of emotion; I cry, I repent, I love. I am just so thankful, because it should be us on that cross. We should be the ones dying, we should be the ones feeling this pain, we should be the ones being nailed to the cross, we should be the ones going through the disgrace, the shame, and yet, He took our place.

And then on the 3rd day HE ROSE AGAIN! He conquered the grave, He destroyed death, so that sin and death no longer has a hold over you, that the enemy cannot attack you and kill your life, so that we have the right to say BY HIS STRIPES (His wounds) WE ARE HEALED! (Isaiah 53:5).

Jesus came and fulfilled the old covenant and brought a new one for us; that it no longer depends on our works and sacrifices (no more killing of animals for God to forgive us) to get us to heaven, but depends solely on our belief in Him! John 3:16 tells us whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life. Believing in Jesus, as the Son of God; the only blameless human to ever exist, the one born of a virgin, being fully man and fully God, died and rose again for us. – This is the very foundation of our faith.

I really want to urge you, that if you are reading this and you have not yet given your life to Christ, that you sincerely do. There is no greater love you could ever encounter. There is not a single person on the face of this earth (not even your parents) that will ever love you like Jesus loves you. There is not a single person who would go through what He went through and not ask for something in return. There is not a single person who would treat you, protect you, give their life for you, lay down their all for you, have only good thoughts and plan towards you, keep you, watch over you, intercede and pray for you, believe in you, change you, sanctify you, bless you like JESUS will!

His Name destroys yokes, and breaks chains, His Name breathes life into dead bones and they rise again, His Name heals every disease, His Name changes lives and destinies, His Name is above every other name, His Name is life. His Name ALONE! How much more so He Himself?! When He comes into your life you will never remain the same. He is the true vine that gives life to us as branches; we bear good fruit, only because we are connected to Him.

There is nothing special or extraordinary about us, in fact we are less than ordinary. But there is everything extraordinary about Him. He makes the difference in us. He makes us prosper, He makes us clean, He makes the pain go away, He makes us better. HIM.


Sometimes we really don’t understand the extent to which we need Him, because we do not truly understand the extent to which we are nothing. We do not understand the sickness that is our nature, we do not understand the filthiness that we are, we do not understand the true depravity or man, but I’ll go into that on a later post.

This post is really only to say THANK YOU JESUS, for Your sacrifice for me, and to express the wonder that He is, as well as encourage you that there is no place you should want to be except in the arms of our generous and loving Father, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. He waits for you with open arms, embrace the embrace.

Hope you have been having a wonderful Easter, and please remember the reason for the season, shout it from the rooftops;


Here are some more scripture for you to read about His temporary death:

Matthew 20:17-19

Mark 8:31

John 12:23-25

Matthew 27:33-37

Mark 15:29-32

John 19:5-6

Luke 23:44-47

Love, Peace and Joy!

- Lioness

“Don’t be alarmed,” he said. “You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified. He has risen! He is not here. – Mark 16:6

God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. - 2 Corinthians 5:21




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