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There Is Hope.

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You are so important.

Hey family. Hope you are well and growing in faith. Happy New Month!

I was thinking about my testimony the other day, as I often do, as it helps to keep me grounded at times where pride can creep in and it picks me up at times where I just feel so low.

Let’s talk about that for a quick second, can we?

Life happens. And as long as we are in the flesh, we will feel things. We can feel so down in the dumps, and sometimes, no matter how much scripture others (and we ourselves) throw at the situation, sometimes it just doesn’t help. Sometimes all we need to do, is weep in the loving arms of The Father.

It often baffles me that there’s this idea or misconception that as soon as we come into Christ, we are no longer affected by the perils of life, that we no longer do wrong, that we never face issues of the flesh, or that we never have feelings other than happiness and joy. That all of a sudden, we have permanent rose tinted glasses on and everything in the world is sunflowers, unicorns and rainbows.... but there needs to be rain for there to be a rainbow.

It baffles me, because it is fact that some of the hardest days we will ever face, is when we are in Christ. Ask King David, read his poetry of psalms. Like He, we too will face days where we just want to or that we feel as though we are going to die. Let’s be real. Where it feels like everything is so overwhelming, or a consequence of your past actions have caught up to you, or you’ve found yourself in too deep in a mistake you don’t know how to get out of or maybe bad things are happening one after the other after the other, after the other, and you just want to scream to the heavens “LORD WHEN WILL IT STOP?!”. Days where it feels like the pits of Sheol are gripping your ankles and trying to drag you down. There will be days like that.

But the difference between being in Christ and being apart from Him, is that in Him, there is hope. There is hope that tomorrow will be brighter. There is hope that you will be ok. There is hope that the Lord is on the throne and as long as He is there (which is forever), He reigns completely in and is concerned about all the affairs of your life. There is hope that His eyes are upon you, and that He is constantly watching over you. There is hope in knowing that His plans for you are pure and good, that He only has good thoughts towards you. And it is this hope that keeps you and sustains you.

Do the bad days come? Yes. Do they hurt? Of course. Are you immune? Absolutely not. But will you get through them? By the grace and mercy of God.

My testimony is riddled with down days. Even as a born again believer. I have had days where I’ve just shut down and switched of my phone because I don’t want to speak to anyone. Days where I have smiled outside and wept in secret. Days where I have had a tightness in my chest and a lump in my throat from crying so hard. I have had days. So I speak from experience, when I say that hope sustains you.

I’m not sure why I’m saying all of this, I’m literally typing by the Spirit right now, because this is absolutely not what this blog post was meant to be about, but we flow as The Spirit leads.

I feel as though someone needs to read a raw truth, from a fellow believer to know that they are not alone. That the feelings you are feeling, does not make you a bad Christian, or that you have no faith. You aren’t, and you do. You are human, as are we all. But I need you to know, that better days are coming.

I need you to know that He cares about you, that you are loved by Him. That He sees every single tear that you have cried. He has collected them in a bottle, not one tear has gone unnoticed or fallen to the ground. I need you to know that He is your deliverer. That whatever situation you find yourself in, He is right there and at the opportune time, He will deliver you. That as He heard the cries of the children of Israel and He delivered them, so shall He do the same for you.

And that as you remain in Him, and press closer, to the glory of His Holy Name, you will come out of this fire, not even smelling like smoke. Not even looking like what you’ve been through. That though you be crushed, you will not be destroyed. Though you be pressed, you will not be abandoned. Though you be marred, you will not be discarded. You need to know that you are in The Potters Hand.

And to another, Christ is your Redeemer. No matter what you have done, or what you have been through. No matter the mistake you have made, once you have repented upon Him, Christ is able to, and has redeemed you. The mistake you have made does not define you. It has happened. The consequence is the consequence. But Redemption is here, it is at hand. When He died for you, He redeemed all thing back to Him. Every single mistake and consequences of it, can and will produce things that will come together for your good and can and will be used to glorify His Holy Name. Though you do not see it now, and it doesn’t make sense how it possibly could, it will. And we know this because He is not a liar. He is the ultimate craftsman, the supreme and original Creator, and He has already seen the end from the beginning of a thing. He will craft the future in a way that you are redeemed and He is glorified.

And to another, He is your Light. Stop trying to figure out life your own way. As hard as it is to not be fully in control of your life (believe me, I know), you need to be directed by God. You need to let Him order your path. He will not force you to follow His direction, but every direction you’ve taken without Him has never taken you anywhere worth while. Look around you, you are in too deep to get out yourself and it is only He who can lift and direct you out of it. It is not too late to seek His face, and His arm is not too short to save. You have warred for control against Him for too long, and for the freedom you require, it is time to surrender. Let Him light up your path out of this situation.

You all are too important to The Father. You are of too much use to give up. Better days are coming. They are coming. Hope in the Lord. Look toward Him and not to your situation.

This is an encouragement for us all. That we should cling to the hope and confidence that we had in Christ Jesus in the beginning of our walk and relationship with Him. If we remind ourselves of and hold onto the hope and confidence that we first had in Him, it will sustain us. I just want to remind you of this hope in Him. There is always hope. I want to encourage you in this, in the hope that you may continue your race with the Lord. Even if you are running, jogging, walking or at times, crawling, as long as you are heading toward the finish line, as long as you are moving, to finish the race strong in faith, heart and mind looking towards Christ, it is all the matters.

Just don't give up. My prayer is that you just don't give up. Cling onto the hope like your life depends on it. Cling onto the cross. Cling onto even a little piece of it to get you through today. Please cling, even by the tips of your fingers, cling on till He rescues you from whatever you are going through. There is nothing He cannot do and there is no one He cannot redeem.


Praise be to God, the Most High God, who lives and reigns forever. All glory, dominion and power goes to Him who sits on the throne.

Love, Peace and JOY!

- Lioness.

“That is why we never give up. Though our bodies are dying, our spirits are being renewed every day. For our present troubles are small and won’t last very long. Yet they produce for us a glory that vastly outweighs them and will last forever! So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.” - 2 Corinthians‬ ‭4:16-18




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