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Walking In The Joy Of The Lord

The few years before I gave my life over to God were probably the saddest I had ever been. Honestly. I used to cry all the time, I used to perpetually just be sad. And although I had people around me, I had a boyfriend and I had friends, I was just soooooooo unhappy, and I’m not quite sure people really knew. I think I became so good at hiding it, that people really thought I was ok – I have quite a bubbly personality which I used as a mask to hide behind even though I was broken inside. (In my post about false feelings – I was that person that was fake ok).

I know there are people that are going to read this and just feel troubled that they never knew. But that is ok, because it’s just a part of my journey that had to happen to show me how amazing life is with Him now.

Ecclesiastes 7:14 always speaks to me to tell me, if we have never had a bad day, then how would we know that it is a good one? If nothing bad has ever happened to you, how would you really appreciate the good things that have and will happen?

For me, if I had never had a broken heart, how would I know that my heart is becoming whole now? (and I’m not just talking an a relationship sense, but in friendships, in myself etc), If you’ve never been through a rainy day, how would you APPRECIATE a sunny? I could go on and on but I’m sure you get the picture lol.

In my sadness, I always wanted to feel happy. I just wanted a day or a few hours that I could be the ‘happy’ others around me seemed to be. Whether that was just to have someone around to make me feel special, I would chase it. But then, right after, I would go back into my sadness, and that made me feel as though nothing good ever happened to me. I used to cry all the time, over everything and nothing.

Mate. Just to remember a good day, I would go back into my phone and look at pictures and videos so I could remember that I actually laughed and I was actually happy sometimes. Isn’t that just the saddest thing?

I felt as though my life was bad with some good moments. But thank God, I see now that my life is good, and I go through some bad things. The complete opposite to the past –I believe I’ve spoken before about the fact that the Kingdom of God is completely opposite to the world and here is an example of that!

Don’t get me wrong, I still go back through my pictures to remember, but not because I’m so deeply unhappy, but because I just love memories.

Honestly, the devil is such a liar, and He can really prey on you and your spirit. He really is out here plotting against you and trying to find ways to destroy you in whatever, and in how ever many ways he can. BUT WE CAN’T LET HIM. We cannot allow him to steal our joy or our day! The enemy wants us to be sad, depressed, anxious, fearful whenever we are going through things, but JOY allows us to enjoy whatever season, trial or tribulation we are going through as we are going through it. Confuse the enemy, Enjoy your life! If you wait till you're out of your situation or wait feel happy before you enjoy yourself, you'll walk through life never having enjoyed anything!

Let me not lie to you, some days are hard. I’m not sitting here pretending that life is always roses and fairy lights mixed with rainbows and that I skip everywhere. I don’t. I’m also not pretending like bad things never happen, or that I never cry. They do. In fact, I cried like yesterday? But what I’m saying is that DESPITE the bad days and DESPITE the feelings, with God comes JOY.

What is joy?

Joy is the constant presence of gladness or contentment because of salvation. Joy means that no matter what happens, there is peace knowing that God reigns, over every situation, over every circumstance. Joy is knowing that God knows and sees everything that is happening to you. That He sees every tear that falls, that He hears you when you call on Him. Joy is the strength to carry on despite your circumstance looking dire. Joy is knowing that nothing lasts forever and that all things will come to an end.

God dropped on my heart two weeks or so ago:

Seasons Change. It Can’t Be Winter Forever’.

Joy is so different to happiness.

Where Joy is the constant feeling of gladness, Happiness is a temporary feeling of pleasure. Temporary. Meaning that it comes and goes, meaning that we cannot feel it all the time.

Everyone has some experiences of happiness, but not everyone has the experience of Joy.

As a Christian, we have to remember that not every day is going to be great; you’re not going to feel happy all the time. There are going to be trials and tribulations, there are going to be ups and downs, there are going to be times where you reach your breaking point and when you feel like you cant go on any longer. There are going to be times of hardship. There are going to be times where you’re going to want to give up and sometimes on life itself. There are going to be times.

It’s a fact of life. It IS life.

But we also have to remember that we also have everlasting Joy. For as long as God remains (which is forever) and as long of Jesus died on the cross for our sins (which He did), there is Joy. We may not feel it all the time, we may not see it in our trials, but it is there. We have it. That inner peace and that still small voice, telling us we have to trust in God and letting us know that everything will eventually be ok. But when we cannot see it, we must look for it. Look for the Joy in your day! You may not have the car you want, but you have legs to walk. You may not have the shoes you want, but you have food on your table. You may not have the biggest house, but you have a roof over your head. You may not have everything you want, but you have breath in your lungs. You are alive! And not just alive in body but alive in SPIRIT! Joy does not need to be this huge thing, you can definitely find it in the little things.

Try and find God in your situation, wherever He may be, even if you have to look hard, and even if it is just a tiny tiny light. Find Him, because where He is, Joy is.

And do you know the funniest thing? I have none of the things I had before.. I don’t have the people around me, I don’t have the boyfriend and I don’t necessarily have those friends, but I’m definitely the more joyous now than I was then, because I am tapping into the Joy of the Lord.

God is Joy, and if He’s in your life, You too have Joy.

If like me before, you are always sad, and you haven’t given your life to Christ. Right now is your opportunity. Right here, Right Now.

Repeat after me:

Lord God, I thank you. I know that I am a sinner and I need you in my life. Lord, I believe that you sent your only son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for my sins. I believe that you Jesus Christ, died and rose again. I believe that you have set me free. I accept you into my life and heart today as my LORD and personal Saviour. In Jesus Name I have prayed.


You have spoken these words! You! And Now you are free! Free from bondage, free from all your sins! Free from sadness. FREE!! Although your circumstance may not have changed, your outlook has. Rest in Him, Trust in Him, find Joy in Him, have Strength in Him, to continue your journey.

Nothing but God lasts forever.

Love, Peace and JOY!!

- Lioness

Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy - 1 Peter 1:8

P.S: Have you noticed that I always end my posts with Joy? It so important! the Joy of the Lord is your Strength. Be empowered!




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