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What Are You Waiting For?

You just don’t have the time.

Good Morning (Afternoon, or Evening) Family!

How are we all doing? I hope you are well and growing in faith in The Lord daily.

I’ve had this blog post drafted for a little while, but I had a dream a few days ago which solidified for me that this blog post needed to be written - and it wasn’t only for you all, but this one is definitely for me too.

So, whilst I won’t go into the ins and outs of the dream, because I believe it was specifically for me and not the body, I will speak on what it represents, as I believe the message behind it needs to be shared.

Let me warn you now, that you may be very triggered by this post, I say this, because I was very very triggered by it whilst I was writing and reading it back.

So let’s begin.

I truly believe that God is calling us out of a state of dormancy and into a state of activity. Enough time has been wasted and it is time to rise up.

God wants to do exploits through many of us, but many of us don’t have the ability to step out and move because of lack of being in the Word, lack of preparation, lack of discipline, lack of obedience, lack of faith. Some of us are unable to move into the office or calling the Lord has created us for and is calling us to begin moving in because we have simply gotten so comfortable with our disobedience, we’ve accepted it as ‘waiting on a sign from God’ or ‘waiting on the right time’, and I’m sorry to tell you, that the ‘right time’ was attached to the first time He told you to move.

Some of us are waiting for the ark to wash up in front of us, or the temple to just drop from the sky, not knowing or refusing to accept, that God is expecting you to BUILD. He’s expecting you to SOW the seed, not just REAP the harvest.

Just because you don’t have a pre made boat, doesn’t mean He hasn’t given you all the instructions, resources and materials to make it.

Some of us are so lazy, we are waiting for everything to be made for us.

Why are you waiting for the Lord to give you the pre-built item, but not wanting to lift finger to build yourself? I mean, we are all willing to build a flat-pack from Ikea but don’t want to put the work into build the premises necessary to fulfil our purposes. So.. we can follow the instructions given for our chest of draws but not the specific instructions placed on our hearts for our lives?

In the same way He has called you, He will provide all that you will need for the accomplishment of what He has called you to do. Look at Moses, Gideon, Mary, Noah, Solomon, amongst the other greats. He told them what they were to do, and then gave them everything they needed to fulfil that calling, but there were things that they needed to do too. Where was activity on their part. Some of us are too inactive for our own good. Watching time pass, praying and asking God to use us but we can’t even use the time given to us effectively.

I was reading the story of Naaman in 2 Kings 5. He was exactly like this. He had leprosy and went to Elisha for healing. When Elisha told him to go to the river and wash 7 times, he was outraged. He said ‘I was expecting that Elisha would come out to me, wave to the sky and command healing for me’ (or words to that effect). So essentially, what he was saying was ‘I wasn’t expecting to have to do anything for what I needed or wanted to come to pass, I was expecting that everything would come to me. I was expecting everything to be done for me’. Are you like this too? Are you like Naaman? Are you expecting that your purpose would just fall into your hands? Are you expecting the Lord to just put your future in front of you with no activity or preparation from you?

How exactly are you planning on walking in something you haven’t prepared for? How exactly do you plan on walking in the calling when you haven’t even exercised or allowed the Spirit to grow in you the character needed for said calling? You have no compassion and yet you want to be used as an intercessor. You have no communication skills and yet you want to be used upon the pulpit. You are unable to accurately divide the scripture and yet you want to get up and teach.

Stop wasting time you don’t have. God is calling you to a time such as this, not a time ‘such as in 1000 years’. The things you need to do and start walking in, are here and now.

Are you really building or are you just wasting time?

Are you in a period of hibernation and consecration and listening to God, or are you in a period of timidity and rebellion?

If He called you out into the water would you go? Or would you find all the reasons about how the water is raging or cold, not to? I’m sure many of us would say we would go, but yet He’s calling you and you’re still in the same place.


A bible plan I was reading weeks ago said the following: “Whatever that dream may be, God hasn’t given it to you to stay inside you. He’s given you the dream because he knows you can make it a reality. You can devise the plans for and put a sound or an image or a tangible feeling to something that never existed before.” And “Your endurance through the creative process could mean breakthrough for the people who will be touched by what you’ve made.”

These are just a few reminders that actually, this vision is not for you. Our lives, once we come into Christ is not about us. Samuel was not raised up or born for fun, he was born so that Israel could hear from God. David was not chosen for fun, He was chosen so that Israel could have a good king. Esther was not placed in the palace for fun, she was there so that when the Jews were oppressed and needed to be saved, she could intercede to the highest power in the earthly kingdom. All of these people were in their position and training for the time they would be called. They were all in training grounds before they were revealed in their time. Some of us are trying to skip the preparation and jump straight to the position. Trying to skip the sowing and toiling and go straight to the reaping and the fruit.

It’s never about us anymore. So when we are given a vision from the Lord, we must earnestly pursue the completion of it, that others may be freed, helped, saved all other things through the channel created to allow the Lord to move in them.

I pray that this desire burns in you like fire shut up in your bones. I pray that you are awakened in the night with an aching to know Him more. I pray that He consumes you and that you never become complacent in your pursuit of Him or the drive towards the purpose and calling He created you for. Because let’s face it, we aren’t here for a long time, and we aren’t here just to look pretty. We are here for purpose.

So what are you doing with your time?

Are you wasting it?

What are you waiting for?

Love, Peace and JOY!

- Lioness

“For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.” - Ephesians 2:10 NLT




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